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How Embry-Riddle Attracts Underrepresented Students to Niche Programs

Bold.org partnered with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to support its effort to recruit more diverse candidates for its signature aviation programs.

Student Inquiry Outcomes


female or nonbinary








schools of interest per inquiry
Enrollment Outcomes

Embry-Riddle has achieved a 72% increase in enrollment among underrepresented minorities and a 28% increase in female enrollment.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) partnered with Bold.org as part of a larger effort to recruit more diverse candidates for its signature aviation programs, particularly females and underrepresented minorities.

Today, 92.3% of aircraft pilots and flight engineers in the US are white, and 93% are male. In addition to other university efforts, ERAU hoped to connect with great-fit students from diverse backgrounds earlier in their high school careers and foster more authentic relationships with them.


Bold.org generated thousands of inquiries for ERAU, 50% of which were female or nonbinary and 45% of which were nonwhite, a far more diverse audience than the aviation industry's historical standards.

Bold.org students interested in ERAU listed just 3.4 schools of interest on average, driving strong application and matriculation results for ERAU's programs.

By targeting students from across the country who indicated interest in aviation and providing detailed profiles for each student, ERAU's admissions team was able to build deep relationships with prospective applicants from the start as they built their next class.

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